La Nina Curiosa, vende sus Curiosidades

What in the world is the meaning of such a title?  Well, I'll tell ya.   It means, "The Curious little girl, sells her curious little things."  That would be me.  Creating and selling curiosities, straight from my imagination onto paper, or into clay, or onto canvas...Anything I can get my little hands on that is...

What is the meaning of all of this you ask?  I am trying to simply explain that I have had a huge shop update at  A Fanciful Twist - the Etsy shop, & I am working on little tid-bits which will trickle in much this week. 



The whole purpose of my blog was to share the love of art.  Somewhere along the way, I forgot to share some of my creatures.  The first 10 years of my life in the arts, I was creating large scale paintings and art installations for people (much more serious).  As well a peddling my jewelry creations (still doing that).  However, in the past 4 years, I have allowed myself to tap into the illustrations, drawing the images that have roamed around in my head for ever so long.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.  They are a bit strange, but really, aren't we all??


I am having so much fun with it.  It makes me feel alive and free, to draw whatever I want, with no rhyme or reason.  And these little drawings, when I look into their eyes, seem all to familiar.  Like pointing at eachother, exclaiming, "I know you!"  Anyhow, come over to the shop if you'd like to take a peek at them all.  I am having such a hard time conveying how incredible the prints look.  My goodness, I exclaimed when I saw one printed!  It took 3 printers, hundreds in different papers, and so much time and aggravation to find a machine that would create such a lovely print.  I am smitten.


I am also still painting.  The serious stuff is lurking right now. Giving me a little break.  I included some paintings and plates in the shop update too. Some of you delightful girls, found your little steals before my update announcement! Thank you, that was fun and inspiring, to say the least!!


       Img_3943 Img_3944

Bowls and plates, and all sorts of little treasures...You'll find...





Miss Blue heart, Red-head (below), found a home already.  She will be missed, but will be ever so happy in her new home, I can more than assure you of that! There are other little plates in the shop and more to be added as they come out of the kiln.


Miss Cirque du Cupcake, is in the shop...



And, so is "Super Bake Girl."  Now remember, I invented her, so if you see her mass produced somewhere, well, actually, is there anything we can do really??? Probably not...



Those are just some bits and pieces of what went in the shop over the weekend.  I will be adding regularly, and I will let you know when I make large updates. 

Two more little characters which will be added tomorrow are...

Caracol con Flores (snail with flowers) &


Peacock Girl...


Most of my images will be going into greeting card packages as well. All to come.  I would love to hear your ideas?  Thoughts?  On all this madness???

How was your weekend? What did you do???

I was trying to catch the Fairies, through the old window in the backyard.


Instead, I found a half massacred body of a lizard.  I walked passed my chair, the one I swore to do something with 7 years ago, when I found it on the property, hidden. I just love the color...Can it be anything?


I also, did a lot of wondering...Specifically about how I became a country girl.  I shocked the heck outta myself with that....But then I remembered... The tales live in quiet unusual places...And sometimes, I can hear them in the wind...Now, how ever would I hear them amongst the noise in a big city?  Although, I think in the city, the tales seep out of dark warehouses, big abandoned buildings and underground....What do you think? 

I was at a funeral this weekend.  Funny, how everything feels surreal in life for a few days after a funeral...

I am off to work a bit, and maybe even wander....


(Next time, more lovely swap parcels that have trickled in.  They are just wonderful!!)

Wonderful Voyages...And a Giveaway?

I survived.  The weekend was quite wonderful. There were so many lovely people to visit with, friends, strangers and people who had come back from previous shows.  It was fun and exhausting all at once.  Two very long days and some farewells to pieces that were off on their own voyages.  Off to hang on other walls, but this time, without me.  Bittersweet is the parting of artwork for me.  Although, I squeal with glee knowing they will bring joy to their owners.

In celebration of a great weekend, I am having a giveaway.  Some treats from the shop. Including an Alice in Wonderlandish ceramic sipping creation.....But, you must help me......Find out at the end....Now on to the tales of this weekend...



It was time to open the doors.  People were on their way...There were many visitors and so much inspiration for me.  To see little faces peeking at my creatures, laughing and actually getting my sense of humor.  That is bliss.


Miss French Maid, my tribute to Amadeo Modigliani, was the first girl to leave.  But, not before she had a small change.  Her dark grey eyes, were turned to blue with a tinge of green.  A request made by the ultra lovely new owner.  Miss French Maid was so delighted to be off to her new world. 


The sun was shinging so bright, as feathers and jewels escaped from the bird cage...Flying away, happy as coud be.


I was not very good at taking photographs at the jewel treasures that were purchased.  Although, every single one left on the neck or wrist of the new owner - except for gifts...

Bon Voyage to fruits and veggies and Queen head jelly bean holders.  Farewell to Lotti, the red ribbon bee hive ponytail girl, and to Trenches of the heart Puppets...Cheers to a lovely home for Miss red chair flamboyant, and a few others...They were so wonderful to create...I am so touched to the core, that others enjoy my work.  It is such a humbling and mind blowing feeling...Just when you start to question if you are doing the right thing...this thing called Art...





There were these huge waves of people that would come by.  It was just fantastic. Carolyn my friend who is an artist, and my dear friend Dino D'Taos, also set up here.  They both did very well.  It was Dino's first show in Catalina, as he just moved here.  I hope to get him many more in town.  His work is just amazing.



Psst..Can you see the signs of the old hippie who lives here....Mr. Lovee's shells hanging from a tree in the picture above...We have shells everywhere....Funny, seeing as how we are light years away from water...





It was an exciting weekend.  The first time I did this show a few years ago, I wanted to fall into a hole and cry myself to death.  It was so hard for me to expose my work.  Especially because I find that, by the time the shows roll around, my mind has started a whole new collection or idea of work, and I always tend to feel that I am not showing what is truly me.  This time I had 7 new pieces I could not complete in time.  But, at some point you have to shake yourself and question..."Why am I my own worst enemy, and why am I so hard on myself?"

Some of my work is very controversial (as last months purchasor of 3 large scale pieces stated).  Those tend to sell to men and I tend to hide those from the world... But as I drifted off in a strange melancholic sleep last night - I thought... Perhaps I am hiding something that should not be hidden...

Giveaway Details:    I am not a mall girl at all (I was there today, hated everything), and I really want to treat myself to a fab pair of shoes....Please give me some tips on virtual shoe shopping!  I am just at the edge and must shop...Whoever directs me to a place I purchase from, wins the Fanciful Twist giveaway!!! ( I was just at Anthropologie, and saw none that I desire....Look at my avatar to get an idea of the kind of shoes I like. Also, they must have a wedge or heel, as I am not the tallest person around) ps:  I would like to make my purchase within 48 hours.

The Show Must Go On...

The time is almost here.  A day and a half to get it all wrapped up. No matter what, there comes a time when you have to say, I have done all I can and I just can not do anymore....The Show must go on...200 cards IS enough. I think? They just go soo fast...


                   Now to cello package and seal and hang...


I have some more tweaking to do in the gallery. But, I have pretty much exhausted myself into psychosis.  I am on the verge of a cold and I have to work in the real world all day today and part of tomorrow.  I will not be seeing any of you for a few days.  But, I will be back to blogland on Monday for sure.  I have so much catching up to do. I am having withdrawl symptoms!!!

The last minute brilliant idea...Or so I thought at the time?  Use my bird cage for jewels??? And the shredded music notes from MizSmoochieLips....And some feathers.....And, Voila....that is not the jewelry piece I will use, that one has a different spot, but it gives us an idea...



Hang the cards, and hang my little screen girl, who was created to cover the book laden shelves in my shop.


Adusting some of my hanging.  Making sure plates are not going to fall out of their little holders.


When I was at the craft store picking up more little plate hangers, I found these little teeny stands! I am so in love with them.  I think they are adorable and hold the little plates just perfectly.  I still can not believe I dissected a vintage dictionary for my paper covered canvas'.  You would not believe the terms and words in this dictionary.  Just be more careful than me.  Why?  Well, that little painting above with "super bake girl..."  I found some lovely words on this one page. So, I used it for the cake section.  As I was painting, I realized, I also had the word "poop" on the same page....Not funny. Okay, a little funny. Okay, Mr. Lovee laughed alot...


Trying to find a good way to hang cards was tough.  So, I went with my wire hanging clothes pin look.  I am just maxed out on space.  This will just have to do.


Mr. Lovee took the day off to make the yard look pretty.  Him(Mr. Lovee with the long curly hair) and Mark(our friend), are out in the yard working away.  Mr. lovee just ran into a branch and gashed his forehead open. yes, blood and all...We were laughing at how my short self can walk under all the branches without a problem, but he slams into all of them....Poor guy...As I am looking at the pic below I am laughing because, well, those are not the branches I can walk under without a problem.  That would only make me 2 feet tall.  So, please don't get confused there... heee heee.  I am 5' 3" on a good day, without heels (5'2" on a regular day).  But, seeing as how I wear heels everyday, people think I am about 5' 5".  I have them all deceived...



First sign of true Spring as far as I am concerned, are these tender little eggs in nests....How cute.


Of course, I had to throw in my daughter, the model.  See how I taught her to tilt her head to the side, her best side of course...


So, off I go, venturing.  We all know how much I love that.  And, then back here to work away...Yikes!!  But, I must mention the delight that inhabited my garden...I do believe we are in the midst of a faerie takeover! They have come from the garden of the lovely Miss Amanda Button of, Pandora's Button Box....Boy, are these faeries smart!  They found the first flower of the season on the rose bush!!!  Is that a  little egg I spy?? Mr. Lovee is in love with that little egg.  I think he might steal it for himself! He just gushed over it!!! Thank you sweet girl! We love it!




I know I have said it before.But, you girls are so super special and supportive.  What a great little space I have found here with you all.  Thank you so very much.  See you in a few days!!!! I adore seeing some new faces in my little world!  Thanks for stopping by!  It sure adds a magical glimmer to my day!!!

Tic Toc, Tic Toc

I must admit.  My little gallery is one of my most favorite places in the world.  It's a bit funny, and strange.  Which is probably why I love it all the more.  I was in there late last night, trying to get things wrapped up, as I have a busy week in other realms.  How is it that you can be wishing to be busier, and then be so busy, your head is bound to pop off of your body?

I feel so close to each and every piece.  I do in fact make every piece in my little gallery/shop (to answer a few questions on that).  So, it isn't exactly easy to part with everything.  I know it is silly.  Oh and, the big head sculptures/jelly bean holders are in their last stages of going into the kiln for the 2nd time. So, it looks like I will have them for the show. Here are a few pictures of my progress in the gallery...


The pics are a bit dark because I took these really early in the morning. I have yet to put in my jewel creations. I will save those for last.  And, all the cards and prints are being finished up now....You know, the glitter.  It never stops sparklin around here.  Even when you want it to stop, for a bit of sparkle free air...


I made a dress for my mannequin.  It is much deeper and lovelier color in person.  I went up to pay for the silk (indian), and it was like, $21.99 a yard. YIKES! I had had 4 yards cut, not to mention, tons of others... Oh well....



I owe you better pictures. I am just delighted with my little curtains.  I sewed little buttons on to each side for the ties.  The next photos are just a montage of some of my favorite creations. Maybe they will end up in my Etsy shop? Now, that would be fun!







I am chewing and typing and getting dressed all at once.  I have to run.  But I have to tell you about something amazing that totally inspired my week!!!!  The most generous loving MizSmoochielips sent me the greatest package!!!! Thank you sweet Tia!!!!!  You made me happy, and I have almost eaten all the creamy mints! Oops.....Didn't save em for Easter.






Isn't that wonderful?????  Now, I heard there is a heart thumping little thing happening with fairies in my garden.... I must go peek????? xxo,Vanessa