> My Artwork {bits & pieces}

Awakening of Spring
The party 3
Natures lullaby 1
The circus girl 2
The circus girl 4
The circus girl 6
Tea Party in the Magical Cypress Grove 6
Tea and Sweets with Amelie
Tea and Sweets with Amelie, Full Image
Gypsy Wagon Painting
Through The Trees ~ Enchanted Evening
At the Patisserie with Marguerite
Starlight Fairy Dance
Tea Time with the Baker's daughter
Enchanted Circus Print
Marie Antoinette Dances at...
Swan Dance
Swan Dance  in full
In a Dream
In a Dream...
Marie Antoinette (zoom)
Star Girl 3
Star Girl
Star Girl (upclose)
Camille and Midnight Tea
Violetta and the Tiny Tea Set 1
Violetta and the Tiny Tea Set 2
Violetta and the Tiny Tea Set 3
Through the trees 1
Through the Trees Side
Circus Magic 2
Flora Gypsy Girl 3
Flora Gypsy Girl 1
Loves Confession
The Dream After the Ball
Flower Song
Let's have a party 4
Tea for One
Tea Party
Tea Party 1
Fairy Dance
Dream Upon a Midnight Song
Loves Confession 4
Into the Fairytale Forest
Through the trees magnifying glass
Flora Gypsy Girl 4
At the Patiserrie
The Little Gypsy 1
Bright Star Of Love 2
The Party