> My Artwork {bits & pieces}

A Peculiar Day
The Party 3
Enchanted Tea Time
Sweet Treat
In the theater of the Siren's Dreams 4a
Enchanted Garden
Enchanted garden ~ close-up
The Siren Finds Her Passion
Avant Garden Wonderland A Tea Party
Macaron Fete
Two Layer Sweet Cake
The Bee Girl - Stella Primrose Hawthorn
Escape at Twilight
Late Late, in the woods
Pan's  Widow
Frida Kahlo and the Butterfly
Fluttering through memories
The Curious Playroom - Land of Enchantment
Tea Party Sojourn
Blissful Daydream
Cupcake/ Oil on canvas
Sugar Plum Fairy
The Siren, Oil on wood - 2002
Little Tree Tale
Rescuing of the Mime
The Curious Playroom
He Dreamed of that Dance Long Ago
The Faun's Nocturne
The Siren Finds Her Voice
Strange Beautiful Lady - Carnivale
Cirque du Cupcake
The Puppeteer's Daughter
On a Certain Day...
Super Bake Girl, Cupcake (side)
Super Bake Girl, Cupcake
Super Bake Girl, Ophelia
Super Bake Girl
Camellia Nightingale
TopiaryCake (Side)
A Perfectly Sweet Day
Only on Special Occasions
The Siren's Dream
The Girl in the Music Box...
Freeing of the Chanteuse
In her Gown
In her gown
The Siren Follows her Dreams...
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