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Delightful Flight
The Lovely Sisters, an enchanted dance in the forest
The Mime's Daughters Rehearse
The Bird Girl Escapes
Declairing your love in the rain
Little Tree Tale
Lotti, throws quite the party
Claudine, the notorious sweets thief
Leaves fall
The Mime's Protege
A Peculiar Day, Red Balloon
Reclaiming Your Heart -Oil on Wood- 2005
In the Chambers of the sea
On A Peculiar Day, Reading Fairytales to Mr. Agaricus
Lagrimas de Amor
Love my Pet
My Favorite Tree
The French Maid, A Tribute to Amadeo Modigliani
Super Bake Girl Emilia (side)
Super Bake Girl Emilia
The Siren's One Wish...
Laundry Girl
Stella, of the secret garden
The Mime's Daughters
Super Bake Girl, Olivie
Rescuing of the Mime
Strange Beautiful Lady
The Siren's Sojourn
Fluttering through memories 2
Circus Circus
Sneaky Super Bake Girl (side)
Sneaky SuperBake Girl
The Siren's One Wish
Cupid's Revenge
The Curious Playroom
La Chanson
She Dreamed of a Faraway Place
The Queen of the Carnivale
The Harpist's Bliss
In a Sea of Dreams
The Memory of the Dance in the Forest
Bird Girl
The Siren Finds Her passion
Tea Party Sojourn
Blissful Daydream
At the Circus  2006
Strange Beautiful Lady - Embracing the Beauty, 2004
Bikini Poles on the French Riviera
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