> Some of my Illustrations

Forest Sweets
The real world is not for me
Birthday Filigree & Cupcake
Lovely Boy
At the Opera
Hector Walks Astrids Poodle
Paradiso Perduto
Kitty Kitty
Fungi with Tail
My favorite tree
Leaves will fall
My Mean Sister Nat
A Visit to Paris
Green Slug
Black Heart
In my Secret little Space
A Little Trip
Reclaiming my Life
My Day
My Day,  Desserts girl
In a Strange Land
Blue skies are...
Snug as a Bug
Treasure Hunting, Strange Piano
Only on Special Occasions
Must Breathe
Lydia, the owl trainer
Owl Message
The little Artiste
In Love
Fungi With Wings
Establishing Roots
What Road to Take?
What to do for Pleasure
Memories of Woolworth's
Spiraling out of Control...
Holiday Treats
Holiday Deer, Holiday Cheer
Declairing your love in the rain
A Windy Day
Ostrich Girl
Caracol (snail girl)
Peacock Girl
Incognito Silhouette
Fungi gets her glasses
Birch, Betula
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